Fire your Imagination...

What is it that you envisage? Everyone has a starting point. It might be a colour you love, a theme or perhaps a table setting that you have seen in a magazine, either way use that to begin with and build up from there. I am more than happy to help with suggestions should you be struggling.

I offer various services to help you from styling your tables, dressing your venue to the full co-ordination your event. Please contact me for further details should you be interested.

A beautiful wedding reception in creams & greens. Here the green water goblets are used pick up the green of the napkins and the floral display, and a simple clear glass candlestick holding a tonal green candle…fresh, light & yet rich.

Photographer – Mark Pickthall

This is a Moulin Rouge themed party. The gold candelabras wonderfully dressed in abundant, rich floral colours and textures, really contribute to the feeling of opulence.

Photographer – Bella West

A Moroccan themed 18th birthday party. Here the deep moroccan colours of blue, earthy yellows and purple were used for the wine glasses, the water tumblers, and carried through with the candles in the gold coloured candlesticks.

Photographer – Clare Garrard

Fresh whites, pale pinks, clear glass with the touch of green. Beautiful, simplistic and fresh.


Ratan lampshades over the tables, wispy meadow flowers, combined with delicate bamboo tea light holders and beautiful blue handblown glasses from Fabulous Company all evoke the summer heat of the Provence.

Photographer – Joanna Sullivan

Rustic seating arrangements does not mean rustic table dressing You can still provide the feeling of warm, richness and occasion. Here the feeling is of the colonial gentlemen’s club, warm earthy colours, but lifted with the gold cutlery and the delicate cream floral decorations. You can almost hear the monsoon rains…

Photographer – Tom Redman

For the Boho feel, the bright colours give the immediate zing. Combine different hues of glasses, plates, candles, but keep the thread of golden warmth with the cutlery and brass candlesticks. Add a bit of a fun & quirkiness  with an unusual candlestick, in this case the tropical pineapple added to the warmth. Nobody can feel blue with this riot of colour.

Photographer – Weddings with Soul

Here pale grey and hints of purples were used in the linen to compliment the beautiful backdrop of wisteria. Glass candlesticks and and an accent of gold for warmth, created a very pretty table without being over fussy.

Photographer – Charlotte Wise